Research & Innovations

At the Nigerian College of Agribusiness, we are at the forefront of agricultural research and innovation. Our commitment to advancing knowledge and finding solutions to agricultural challenges drives us to undertake groundbreaking research initiatives that shape the future of the industry.

College Research Initiatives

Our college is home to a vibrant research community, conducting cutting-edge studies that span various aspects of agriculture:

  • Sustainable Farming Practices: Our researchers investigate innovative and sustainable farming techniques that maximize yields while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Crop Improvement: We are dedicated to developing high-yield, disease-resistant crop varieties that enhance food security and farmer livelihoods.
  • Food Processing Innovation: Our food scientists work on improving food preservation methods, product quality, and safety standards in the food processing industry.

College Research Initiatives

Our research projects have a far-reaching impact on the agriculture sector:

The Effect of MergeData, an Internet of Things Platform on the Economic Performance of Soybean Production in South West, Nigeria.

Researcher: Olaore Abiodun(Executive Diploma in Agribusiness Leadership)

Exploring the Economic Importance of Clustering for Smallholder Farmers in Improving Food Supply in Nigeria: A Case Study of Farm More Limited, Abuja, Nigeria

Researcher: Sulaimon Sodiq (Executive Diploma in Agribusiness Leadership)

Accessing the Challenges and Advancements in the Tomato Supply Chain Backward Integration in Nigeria

Researcher: Damilola Mapayi (Executive Diploma in Agribusiness Leadership)

Succession Planning and its Impact on the Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in the Poultry Industry of Ogun State, Nigeria (Executive Diploma in Agribusiness Leadership)

Researcher: Nasir Olusanya

Assessment of Risk Management Strategies and Allocative Efficiency of Rice Value Chain Actors in Agricultural Zone C of Niger State (Executive Diploma in Agribusiness Leadership)

Researcher: Daniel Nyam

Analysis of Barriers and Opportunities in the Adoption of Organic Foliar Fertilizer in Odeda Local Government Area of Ogun State, Nigeria

Researcher: Olusola Omoleye (Executive Diploma in Agribusiness Leadership)

Economic Assessment of the impact of Garri Processing on the income of Cassava farmers in Kinshasha, Congo

Researcher: Friday Iroulo (Executive Diploma in Agribusiness Leadership)

Join Us in the Pursuit of Knowledge and Innovation

When you choose the Nigerian College of Agribusiness, you become a part of an institution that values research, innovation, and progress. Our research initiatives not only expand the boundaries of knowledge but also equip our students with the latest insights and tools to excel in the agriculture sector.

Whether you aspire to contribute to research, work on innovative projects, or simply stay updated with the latest advancements in agriculture, our college provides the ideal environment to nurture your curiosity and drive for innovation.