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The Nigerian College of Agribusiness provides specialized education that drives improved productivity and performance in the agricultural sector in Africa. Established in 2020 and approved by the National Board for Technical Education, NCA is pioneering action learning for the acceleration of skills development in commercial agricultural production, innovative food processing, agribusiness trade and development leadership, NCA is pioneering action learning for the acceleration of skills development in commercial agricultural production, innovative food processing, agribusiness trade and development leadership. Our mission is to cultivate a vibrant, sustainable and profitable agribusiness sector that drives economic growth and social progress across Africa and beyond.
The agri-food sector serves as the cornerstone of societies, providing food, fiber and fuel upon which human civilization relies. The industry’s effectiveness, efficiency and resilience revolve around high quality skills at every operation.

At NCA, our unique learning model empowers our graduates with skills, acuity and vision needed to succeed as agribusiness sector skills professionals and leaders.

We are committed towards educating a new generation of agribusiness sector leaders that will transform the economic fortunes of the African continent.

Training Programmes

Centre for Farm Management

Diploma in Livestock Production, Processing and Value Chain Management

Acquire the competencies needed to unlock the economic potentials in the livestock industry. Some of the modules include:

  1. Livestock farm management
  2. Entrepreneurship in Livestock Industry
  3. Innovations in Cattle & Goat Farming
  4. Value Chain Analysis for Ruminants and Non-Ruminants
  5. Financial Management for Livestock Businesses

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Diploma in Farm Business Management

Cultivate the skills required to drive success in commercial farming operations. A few of the interesting modules in this program include:

  1. Strategic Planning in Farm Management
  2. Farm Risk Management
  3. Rural development and community engagement
  4. Financial Management for Farm Operations
  5. Sustainable Farming Practices

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Certificate in Labour and Workforce Management in Farming Operations

Optimizing labour resources and ensuring compliance help farms to achieve better results. Some of the modules in this program include:

  1. Farm Workforce Management
  2. Labour Planning and Scheduling
  3. Labour Efficiency and Productivity Management
  4. Diversity and Inclusion in Farm Workforce
  5. Digital Tools for Farm Labour Management

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Centre for Agribusiness Enterprise

Diploma in Data Analytics for Agribusiness

Unleash the power of data in the world of agribusiness and acquire the skills needed to harness data-driven insights for informed decision making Some of the modules include:

  1. Foundation of Data Analytics
  2. Data Collection in Agribusiness
  3. Statistical Analysis for Agribusiness
  4. Machine Learning for Agribusiness Decisions
  5. Market Analysis and Demand Forecasting

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Diploma in Agribusiness Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Investment Management

Embark on a transformative journey in the agribusiness ecosystem, where entrepreneurship, creativity and investment converge to unlock green possibilities. Some of the modules include:

  1. Agribusiness Startup Management
  2. Identifying Viable Agrifood Opportunities
  3. Agribusiness Investment Analysis
  4. Strategic Management of Agribusiness Operations

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Certifying Agricultural Exports: Strategies for Meeting Phytosanitary Quality and Safety Standards

Take the leap into the world of agricultural exports, where quality, safety and standards are paramount. Some of the modules in the course include:

  1. Phytosanitary Regulation and Compliance
  2. Traceability and Supply Chain Management
  3. Pest and Disease Management
  4. Preparing for Certification Audits
  5. Quality Assurance in Agricultural Exports

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Centre for Nutrition and Wellness

Diploma in Nutraceuticals, Supplements and Functional Foods

Science, Health and Innovation converge to deliver a world of enterprise and wellness possibilities. Some of the modules in this exciting course include:

  1. Functional Food Formulation and Innovation
  2. Nutraceutical Products Development
  3. Clinical Research and Evidence-Based Nutraceuticals
  4. Market Trends and Global Opportunities
  5. Regulatory Compliance and Product Safety

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Diploma in Plant Based Nutrition and Wellness

Interested in becoming a plant-based nutrition and wellness entrepreneur, dive into the world of this interesting course. Some of the modules include:

  1. Plant Based Nutrition and Chronic Disease Management
  2. Nutrition Science Fundamentals
  3. Plant Based Nutrition across human lifespan
  4. Plant Based Sport Nutrition
  5. Innovative Plant-Based Nutrition Product Development

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Diploma in Herbal Business Management

Embark on an enterprise journey into the herbal industry where traditional wisdom and modern entrepreneurship merge. Some of the modules include:

  1. Herbal Medicine and Therapies
  2. Herbal Products Development and Formulations
  3. Quality Assurance and Herbal Product Safety
  4. Herbal Product Innovation and Research
  5. Herbal Retail and Distribution

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Centre for Development Studies

Diploma in Climate Action Leadership

Embark on a transformative journey in the field of climate action leadership, where environmental stewardship, sustainability and impactful change converge. Some of the modules on the program are:

  1. Climate Communication and Advocacy
  2. Climate Action Planning and Strategy
  3. Circular Economy and Sustainable Resource Management
  4. Renewable Energy and Green Technologies

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Graduate Diploma in Project and Program Management

Whether you aspire to lead complex projects or oversee strategic programs, this program will provide a solid foundation for your success. Some of the modules include:

  1. Project Portfolio Management
  2. Program Governance and Organizational Strategy
  3. Project Risk Management
  4. Agile and Lean Program Management
  5. Quality Management in Projects

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Diploma in Development Leadership

Whether you work with NGOs, international Organizations or government agencies, this program will equip you with the skills needed to excel as a leader in international development. Modules on the program include:

  1. Development Economics and Financing
  2. Project Cycle Management in International Development
  3. Governance and Policy Administration
  4. Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

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Centre for Food Business Innovation

Diploma in Food Processing and Post Harvest Management

The program equips participants with skills needed to excel in food manufacturing, production management and entrepreneurship. Modules on the program include:

  1. Food Product Development and Innovation
  2. Principles of Food Processing
  3. Fresh Farm Produce Processing
  4. Meat and Dairy Processing
  5. Food Safety Audits and Compliance

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Applying Lean Manufacturing Models for Optimal Efficiency and Quality in Food Production

This workshop is for professionals seeking to reduce waste, enhance quality, improve operational performance and lead lean models in food processing operations. Modules include:

  1. Lean Six Sigma for Quality Improvement
  2. Value Stream Mapping in Food Production
  3. Lean Supply Chain and Inventory Management
  4. Lean Production Planning and Scheduling

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Innovating the Future of Food: Design Thinking Workshop for Food Entrepreneurs

This exciting course provides food entrepreneurs with the skills needed to create unique experiences around their food product concepts. Some of the modules are:

  1. User-Centered Food Service Design
  2. Prototyping Food Concepts
  3. Design Thinking in Menu and Product Development
  4. Business Innovation Models for Food Startups
  5. Scaling and Growth Strategies

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