Diploma in Program and Project Management

– Navigate Programs and Projects with excellent precision

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December 11, 2023


12 Weeks

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About the Program

The Diploma in Program and Project Management is a comprehensive and rigorous program designed to equip professionals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to excel in the dynamic field of program and project management. This program offers a balanced curriculum that covers both project and program management, ensuring graduates are well-prepared to lead and deliver successful projects and programs across various industries.

Course Objectives:
Upon completion of the Diploma in Program and Project Management, students will:
  1. Master Project Management: Understand the fundamentals of project management, from initiation to closure, and be able to effectively plan, execute, monitor, and control projects of varying complexity.
  2. Excel in Program Management: Develop the skills and knowledge needed to manage and oversee multiple projects within a program, aligning them with organizational goals and objectives.
  3. Demonstrate Leadership: Exhibit strong leadership and team management skills, motivating and guiding project teams to achieve project and program success.
  4. Manage Risk: Identify, assess, and mitigate project and program risks, ensuring timely and efficient delivery while minimizing potential setbacks.
  5. Optimize Resources:Effectively allocate and manage resources, including budgeting and financial control, to maximize project and program outcomes.
  6. Utilize Agile and Scrum: Understand agile methodologies and Scrum practices, and apply them appropriately in both project and program contexts.
  7. Ethical Decision-Making: Navigate ethical dilemmas in project and program management, making decisions in alignment with ethical principles and professional standards.
  8. Preparation for Professional Certifications: Be well-prepared to pursue industry-recognized certifications such as the PMP (Project Management Professional) and PgMP (Program Management Professional) from the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Course Modules

Introduction to Program and Project Management
  1. Overview of Program and Project Management
  2. Definitions and Key Concepts
  3. Historical Perspective and Evolution
  4. Importance and Significance in Modern Organizations
  5. Role of Program and Project Managers
  6. Project Life Cycle vs. Programme Life Cycle
  7. Key Stakeholders and Their Roles
  8. Ethical Considerations in Program and Project Management
  9. Case Studies and Real-World Examples in Program and Project Management
Project Initiation and Programme Alignment
  1. Project Initiation Process
  2. Stakeholder Identification and Analysis
  3. Project Charter Development
  4. Program Alignment with Organizational Objectives
  5. Defining Program Components
  6. Programme Charter Development
  7. Establishing Program Governance
Project and Program Planning and Scheduling
  1. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
  2. Task Identification and Sequencing
  3. Time and Cost Estimation
  4. Project Scheduling Techniques (e.g., Gantt Charts, Critical Path Analysis)
  5. Resource Allocation and Resource Leveling
  6. Program Planning and Integration of Multiple Projects
  7. Program Schedule Development
Project and Program Execution and Monitoring
  1. Team Building and Leadership
  2. Communication Planning and Stakeholder Engagement
  3. Quality Assurance and Control
  4. Change Management and Configuration Management
  5. Progress Tracking and Reporting
  6. Programme Execution Strategies
  7. Programme Monitoring and Control
Risk Management in Projects and Program
  1. Risk Identification and Assessment
  2. Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis
  3. Risk Response Planning
  4. Risk Monitoring and Control
  5. Risk Management at the Program Level
  6. Contingency Planning and Crisis Management
Procurement and Contract Management
  1. Procurement Planning
  2. Vendor Selection and Evaluation
  3. Contract Types and Structures
  4. Contract Negotiations
  5. Contract Administration and Performance Management
  6. Procurement Strategies in Programs
Financial Management in Projects and Programs
  1. Budgeting and Cost Control
  2. Financial Forecasting and Variance Analysis
  3. Resource Allocation and Optimization
  4. Program Financial Management
  5. Financial Reporting and Analysis at Program Level
Agile and Scrum in Project and Program Management
  1. Introduction to Agile Principles and Methodologies
  2. Scrum Framework and Practices
  3. Agile in Project Management
  4. Scaling Agile Practices in Programs
Leadership and Team Development
  1. Leadership Styles and Approaches
  2. Team Dynamics and Conflict Resolution
  3. Motivation and Performance Management
  4. Leading Project Teams
  5. Leading Program Teams
Ethical and Legal Aspects in Management
  1. Ethical Considerations in Project and Program Management
  2. Legal Obligations and Contract Law
  3. Case Studies on Ethical Dilemmas
  4. Legal Aspects in Procurement and Contracts
Capstone Project
  1. Application of Project and Program Management Principles
  2. Project Planning and Execution (for Project component)
  3. Program Planning and Integration of Projects (for Program component)
  4. Presentation and Documentation of Project and Program Outcomes
Industry Best Practices and Trends:
  1. Emerging Trends in Project and Program Management
  2. Case Studies of Successful Projects and Program
  3. Guest Lectures and Industry Insights
  4. Final Assessment and Graduation:

Plan Of Study

The program will be delivered through a combination of Class lectures, Group Activities and Capstone Projects. The Course has the option of Physical and Online Attendance.

Faculty members are experienced professionals with extensive years of practice experience in managing programs and projects.

Career Pathway for Graduates of this Program

Upon completion of the program, graduates can pursue various career paths as:
  1. Program and Project Directors
  2. Senior Program Managers
  3. Chief Project Managers
  4. Program and Project Managers
  5. Head of Portfolio Management
  6. Procurement and Contract Managers

Final Award

Upon completion of the course, participants will earn a Graduate Diploma in Programme and Project Management from the Nigerian College of Agribusiness. At convocation, graduating students will receive their Diploma parchment as well as their Transcript of academic records.

Course Fee

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10% Discount for Early Birds

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December 11, 2023

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Beneficiary Bank: Zenith Bank Plc
Account Number: 1228461510
Account Name: Nigeria College of Agribusiness

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