Design Thinking Workshop For Food Manufacturers

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February 8, 2024


3 Days Venue: Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan

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About the Program

Course Overview:

This immersive three-day workshop is tailored for food manufacturers who wish to harness the power of design thinking to innovate and improve their products, processes, and services. Participants will learn to apply the design thinking framework to solve complex problems creatively and customer-centrically. By combining theoretical learning with practical, hands-on exercises, this workshop will enable participants to drive innovation and strategic design within their organizations.

Learning Objectives:

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  1. Understand the five stages of the design thinking process.
  2. Identify customer needs and insights through empathic engagement.
  3. Generate innovative ideas for product development and process improvement.
  4. Develop prototypes for new food products and test them in a low-risk environment.
  5. Implement design thinking as a repeatable, customer-centered approach to innovation in their organizations.

Workshop Curriculum


Module 1: Introduction to Design Thinking

  1. The concept of design thinking in business innovation
  2. Design thinking success stories in the food industry
  3. The five stages of the design thinking process

Module 2: Empathize – Understanding the User

  1. Customer-centric product development
  2. Ethnographic research techniques in food manufacturing
  3. User persona development for food products

Module 3: Define – Framing the Problem

  1. Synthesizing research into actionable insights
  2. Problem statement formulation
  3. Prioritizing needs and challenges


  1. Ice Breaker: Empathy Exercise
  2. Group Task: Developing User Personas Based on Case Studies

Exercise: Articulating Problem Statements


Module 4: Ideate – Generating Solutions

  1. Brainstorming and idea generation techniques
  2. Concept development and selection methods
  3. Cross-functional team collaboration in idea generation

Module 5: Prototype – Bringing Ideas to Life

  1. Prototyping in the food manufacturing context
  2. Rapid prototyping techniques and tools
  3. Feedback mechanisms and iterative design


  1. Workshop: Ideation Session for a New Food Product
  2. Hands-On: Prototyping Session Using Food Product Templates


Module 6: Test – Refining the Product

  1. Testing prototypes with real users
  2. Gathering and integrating user feedback
  3. Iterative testing and learning

Module 7: Implementation and Beyond

  1. Integrating design thinking into organizational processes
  2. Scaling prototypes to production
  3. Success metrics and measuring impact

Module 8: Fostering a Culture of Innovation

  1. Building a design-thinking mindset within teams
  2. Overcoming barriers to innovation in food manufacturing
  3. Continuous learning and adaptation


  1. Interactive: User Testing and Feedback Collection
  2. Group Project: Developing an Action Plan for Integrating Design Thinking in their Workplace

Certification and Closing

  1. Recap of the Design Thinking Process and its Application
  2. Examination: Practical assessment for certification
  3. Participant Feedback and Workshop Evaluation
  4. Certificate Distribution and Final Networking

Final Award

Certification: Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate indicating their proficiency in applying design thinking to food manufacturing.

Faculty Members: The workshop will be led by seasoned design thinking experts with a proven track record of driving innovation in the food manufacturing industry.

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February 8, 2024

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Beneficiary Bank: Zenith Bank Plc
Account Number: 1228461510
Account Name: Nigeria College of Agribusiness

Further Enquiries

Do you need any further assistance regarding this program, send an email to: or send chat with a program executive on WhatsApp via: 08109532513 (Nigeria), +2349129158989 (International)

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